Already at breakfast bright and energizing lighting with daylight quality can support a speedy start to the day. Light from multiple directions create a pleasant atmosphere. And the importance of lighting continues after working hours. After a working day a change to warmer light signals the upcoming evening. Lighting should now only be bright enough to feel comfortable and to easily move around the home. Relaxation becomes a priority. Background colour of desktop screens could be adjusted and dimmed. This reduces the effect of lighting to the biological system by 60-70% and supports good sleep. Light from a television affects the production of melatonin much less compared with a desktop screen, due to the longer distance and lower brightness of the screen. While preparing for bed it is recommended to switch to a warmer light.

Did you know?

Visible light is the most powerful external regulator of our circadian rhythms. In fact, daylight activates specific hormones that give us the energy to start the day. In the winter, when there is limited sunlight, we can use bright white lights to trigger our circadian rhythms.